Hello, you’ve reached my client folder page. Here you will find full pdfs of deliverables I’ve worked on. – JC

The following work was done for Verizon’s Hum product, an app that works with hardware connected to a vehicle that serves up maintenance and other driving related information.

• I created this document for user testing purposes. It describes the flow of the current (at the time ) version of the app and the script that that testers would read in order to perform certain tasks: Verizon Hum App Prototype Flow

• I took the results from the tests (performed by an outside vendor) and put them in this slideshow to be presented to the client: Verizon Hum App Usability Results

• Later in the project, Verizon wanted to do a complete redesign of the app. I made this presentation to describe some of the current problems with the apps navigation and potential solutions: Verizon Hum App Navigation Presentation

Additional work:

Wyndham TRIP Wire

Consumer Reports Single Sign On Wire

Excedrin Persona

Novartis ePatient Wire

McGraw-Hill Connect Event Driven Policies Wire

Discover Card Direct Pay Wire

Excedrin Product Selector Minisite Decision Tree

Capgemini Web eReader Wire

Asurion Intranet Wire

EMC Harmonization Wire


Pearson Common Core iPad App Wire

P.I.M.C.O. Flow

B.M.O. Sitemap

MerrillLynch Deposits Android Wire

MerrillLynch Deposits iPad Wire

MerrillLynch Deposits iOS Wire