A case Study

Pearson had a Common Core Standards based iPad app for primary students that they were rolling out in the Los Angeles school district. I was the UX Designer on an Agile team with a Product Owner, Visual Designer, Developers and Q&A people.

Adding sorting and filtering to navigation

Feedback from teachers using the app mentioned a need for a more robust navigation system for retrieving workbooks. The Product Owner on my team created users stories that would require additions to the existing app.

Current drill down

Because we were working in agile, these additions would come in one at a time over many sprints. The problem with this was that I needed to design something that could adapt to future needs, and not just tack new elements onto the existing app.

Sorting and Filtering

I gathered all of the metrics and created flows describing the different ways that a user could navigate including which items could possibly be sorted or filtered.

Concept Sketch 1

I then wireframed two concepts showing how a redesign of the drill down process could work. This screen shows a split layout with all of the sorting items on the left and the individual workbook on the right.

Concept Sketch 2

This version shows thumbnails for each workbook within a single grade. I thought this would work better because teachers were more likely to work on a single grade at a time and it allowed them to see a quick overview of the workbooks.


The client chose the second version (here with a filtering modal open).

Project Details

My Role

Freelance User Experience Designer


Wireframes, Flows




New York, Ny